We have listed a detailed comparison of both SharePoint Vs Onedrive. With the increase in remote work culture, it has become more essential for companies to adopt a more secure and robust environment to store and share documents within the team. SharePoint and OneDrive are 2 most adopted options for this purpose. 

SharePoint Vs Onedrive – A need to know Stats

Microsoft owns SharePoint and OneDrive and the main objective is to store, Share and Sync files on a variety of devices across a range of users. With a database of more than 200 Million users, both of these stand outstanding in performance. 

We have listed a detailed comparison of both the stacks

Both serve the same purpose of keeping and sharing the data in a collaborative ecosystem and both are rather to be considered as complementary than a substitute. 

It can be counted by a few as both these Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint are just similar offering services and doing the same work. Still, with even little different solutions these can give a major different output. Both have specific features which make them different from each other. 

About SharePoint

Teamwork is not at what location you are, it is about being connected with the team, and this is all about what SharePoint is. It s a solution for storing and sharing documents where the entire team can view, edit and share the file collaboratively. This is also used as a website CMS where the team can deploy webpages with the information that may be required by the team to access from anywhere. 

About SharePoint development

Here a channelized control system can be deployed where a user base role base is introduced by the administrator. Data can be viewed edited and shared with the privileges set up by the Administrator. 

Both On-Premises and complete Cloud solution is available based on the requirement of the organization. It can be set up as an intranet site for internal usage only also, a perfect team-oriented solution. 

SharePoint can accommodate any size of the business, with product ranging from On-Premises, Hybrid and Cloud. Pricing models are different based on the product and usage. 

Products of SharePoint 

  • SharePoint Foundation 2013 (free), SharePoint Server 2013 (an extension on top of Foundation), and SharePoint Enterprise 2013.
  • SharePoint Online 
  • SharePoint Server 2016 and SharePoint Enterprise 2016.
  • SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint Enterprise 2019.

Who should opt for SharePoint 

If your business process requires a lot of documentation and that needs to be shared with teams, SharePoint is for you. 

And if you are working on a project and need a more collaborative platform for your entire team with an Admin control this is for you. 

If you want everything on the cloud and want it to be within your organization members and on Mobile too, then this the perfect solution for you. 

You are building an amazing solution and you want to ensure your IP is protected, SharePoint is for you. 

About OneDrive

OneDrive is oriented for personal use and commercial use. One Drive for business is a product which can be monitored by an Admin for their team members, or can be for an individual. Users need to specifically share the files and folders for others to edit and save. 

About Onedrive development

It is a part of O365, the logic of the entire technology is driven on SharePoint technology and the only purpose is to store files and folder on the cloud. 

Version of OneDrive

  • Personal OneDrive 
  • OneDrive for Business

Who Should Opt for OneDrive 

If you are looking for a centralized location to store all your files still want to access them all across the devices you use, this is for you.

You have an O365 product and you work on a lot of files and want to manage them individually, OneDrive is the solution that you should opt for. 

If you are looking for a simple team files collaboration setup, this is the simplest solution from Microsoft. 

Common between OneDrive and SharePoint 

If looked at the core reason for these 2 products, it is common. Store, Share and work collaboration at the same time with tracking changes user wise. However, both of these trending apps do it uniquely. 

With either of the products used, both have a secured cloud server where all your files stay encrypted. 

Both have live team collaboration option, with OneDrive there are limitations, still,  both of them serves this similarly. With SharePoint, you have additional features to manage this. 

Both are offered with Office 365 from Microsoft as a part of the product boutique.

onedrive vs sharepoint infographic

Benefits of SharePoint

Centralized Storage

The centralized Data management system is designed for storing files such as it is available for all the team members of the organization. 


The Main Goal of this technology is to bring the entire team under one system where they all can work together. Tools like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Calendar and other products can be co-used. 

Third-Party Integration

With a wide range of options, SharePoint offers integration of CRM, ERP’s and other Third-Party application to enhance the user experience. Amazing customization is available, you can Hire SharePoint Developer for the same. 


SharePoint has released several versions and each has empowered an extra layer of security. User role ensures the data is limited to permitted users only. Data Stored on SharePoint server has real high-end security to safeguard from malware and data theft attempts. 


With Power BI, Users can generate desired reports. With available options, the data can be viewed in several formats like graph, data, Sheets and others.

Benefits of OneDrive

Data Management

Each user at the organization can now manage the documents, files and data under one data source, With OneDrive Business Solution. 


There are several instances where users lose files or data, be accidental, loss of the device, malware attack or be it ant reason. OneDrive Business Offers a 30-day Accidental Back restore option. At just a click restore your data. 

Upgraded Sync

With the updated solution, every document that users use, are sync automatically empowering users to use their docs easily from anywhere. 

Sharing Option

With OneDrive, users can share files with internal and external users. With internal team members, they can co-work on any specific files they want. 


Any data uploaded on OneDrive is encrypted to ensure the security of the files and folders. 

Offline Access

Access the data when there is no internet and working on them and sync when you come online is a great option offered by OneDrive. 

SharePoint Vs Onedrive- Major Difference

Major Difference between Sharepoint and onedrive


With SharePoint, an entire document library can be created, be it in the form of a website on internet or intranet. All the team members can access the files and folders based on the permission granted by the administration. While with OneDrive the Data needs to be shared with a specific user to view and access them.

Web Application

 With SharePoint Users can created their companies website, where admin or users can share the documents right from the CMS to make it available for their clients and end-users. This option is not available with one drive. 


SharePoint has an option to create an on-premises data storage solution where extra measures or customized options to safeguard the data can be managed, however with OneDrive this option is not available, only cloud solution is available with it. 

Cost Factor

 With SharePoint, the cost to acquire the licence is higher than OneDrive, if purchased other than O365. The Setup cost also plays a vital role here. Customization requires SharePoint developers, then training, everything adds to the cost of deployment. With OneDrive it is really simple. 

Making the Right Choice

With all the information provided, you now can understand as per your business requirement what is best for your organization. SharePoint is a robust tool which performs really well when configured with a really talented SharePoint developer. If your team collaboration is the weakness invest in SharePoint it will pay for itself in the long run. 

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