Hire Para Legal

Hire Para Legal

Paralegal as a Service is transforming the way legal professionals work. Through this service, attorneys can have access to virtual paralegals to assist them in completing legal tasks across various areas of the law or within a specific jurisdiction.

Para Legal have become one of the most demanded talents by Law Firms.

Save time and do more billable work

Increase efficiency with a more specialized team

Expand your team in a cost-friendly way

Pass on cost savings to your clients

Increase your team’s flexibility with outsourced paralegals

Experienced paralegals are great at legal research and law office administration

Hiring a Remote Para Legal team can bring the overall Administration cost by 60%.

Here at Vipra, our developers have developed several web applications with a complex requirement which has made our developers intense to work on any given project regardless of big or small, complex or regular.

Initial Meeting

A Team Vipra paralegal schedules an initial consultation to discuss how you'd like to use the service, as well as to get more information regarding the scope of work.

Free Trial

Hiring a Paralegal for free to check if the resource is a fit for your law firm, and then decide if you want to confirm the resource.

Simple Contract

We have made it very easy compared to full time employee contracts. Cancel any time with simple notice and make it zero liability.

Full Time Resource

Now hire full time resource dedicated to your office only with full control on the resource time tracking software.

Multilingual experts

Our specialised para legal experts have excellent communication skills on spnaish, German, French and more languages.

Track resources using latest tool

Now track all the employees in a fraction of a minute, screenshots with keystroke and complete productivity report.

Know why Hiring Paral Legal from Team Vipra would be the best decision?

Paralegals are professionals certified to perform a plethora of legal tasks, from paperwork to casework. At our company, we offer high-quality virtual paralegal services to help you with the following:

Effective communication is an essential part of any legal practice. At our firm, we strive to provide top-notch client communication services. This includes conducting interviews and obtaining necessary documents, as well as following up with clients if needed. We also offer expert legal research. 

Drafting legal documents is a crucial part of legal work which involves the process of creating and compiling relevant documents for legal research, casework, and client communication. This involves analyzing existing laws and then creating customized documents that take into account the specific needs of a case. 

Expertise, we have a strong team of paralegals who bring expert knowledge and expertise to our practice. Our paralegals are trained in all areas of the law and work in multiple jurisdictions, offering invaluable support to clients. With extensive experience, our paralegals are capable of providing excellent efficiency when dealing with legal issues.

Over 100+ In-house Resources!

Flexible Engagement

Guaranteed SLAs

Avg. 3+years of Experience

Implemented 500+ Projects

Highly secured Environment

Hire Dedicated Para Legals in less than 24 hours.

Now it’s super easy and fasts to hire a dedicated resource. You just think you need an expert and you can start within 72 hours. 


Requirement Gathering & Project Discussion!

Team Vipra schedules a call along With a Paralegal expert and discusses the firms Requirements and resources allocation according To the budget planning.


Interview & Selection!

Law firms interview the paralegals and select the resource based on their requirement. The selected resource will be dedicated for the hours selected.


Free Trials

Despite selection Law Firms have the liberty to analyse if the resource is as expert as sounded in the interview process. We give Free Trials. If it does not work cancel anytime no question asked.


Contract & Other Formalities!

We have made it very easy, contracts are flexible as per your needs. Cancel anytime and no obligations.

Law Firms where our Para Legals have been deployed.

We have been working with several Law Firms and have been working with them for a long time. 

Herman Legal Group

Katya Stelmakh & Associates

Law offices of Caro Kinsella

The Key skill of our Paralegals

Our Paralegals are not only trained in the legal framework but are also experts in other assistance including using the latest technology or channels to grow your law form. 



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Save Money

Paralegals are professionals who provide valuable assistance to attorneys and legal teams. Working with a virtual paralegal can be an effective way to manage expenses while benefiting from the expertise of experienced professionals. Paralegal as a Service is a cost-effective solution that helps law firms reduce costs and grow their business with ease.

Save Time

Do you need help with legal work, but don’t have time to complete it yourself? A Team Vipra virtual paralegal may be the perfect solution. Our virtual paralegals will take on research and document preparation tasks so that you can stay focused on more important matters. Utilizing a virtual paralegal is an efficient way to tackle legal tasks without doing them yourself.


 Hire one of Team Vipra’s virtual paralegals and get the job done effectively. Our virtual paralegals are experienced professionals who can help you navigate any legal challenge, from document preparation to case management. We’ll work with you to create a customized workflow according to your preferences. Contact us today and see how we can help you!

No Outsourcing

You can be sure that TeamVipra will handle your work in-house and not outsource to any external parties. Our highly trained paralegals have years of combined experience in the legal arena, so you can trust that your case is in the right hands.

What billing model suits your requirement?

Based on your requirement or your firm size or your workload, decide what kind of engagement you are looking for. We are super flexible, if there is something you want to customise let us know. 

Part Time Paralegal

One of the most demanded service for clients looking for some small duration job.
“Good for small Law firms”



Per Hour

Monthly Billing!

Easy to go and saves you upto 40% of the cost, pay for all the resources on a monthly basis and get them to work on your format, just like a part of your team in another location.
“Best for long term”



Per Month

Hire a team

Looking for an entire team to help you with all the administrative work, legal work and other departments, speak to us we can help you hire dedicated team in a matter of time.
“Popular with big Law Firms”

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