Have you also heard about Node Js taking over other platforms for developing large-scale applications? If you are an enterprise, looking forward to developing a robust web application, Node Js could be the right pick. Being robust, versatile, and a swift technology, Node Js has emerged as one of the leading technologies preferred by several enterprises for their web and mobile app development. And why not? Equipped with contemporary tooling, the platform allows developers to develop even complex web applications with excellent features, functionality, and modules. Read more to know the benefits of Node JS development and what makes Node js the right choice for developing your enterprise application.

What makes Node Js development best For Enterprise App development?

Those who are wondering whether Node js is a framework or a language. Let us clear out that it is neither a framework nor a library. It’s a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. The platform is a free, open-source, and full-stack development environment. It is used to build robust web applications. 

Several web development companies and developers are relying on Node js increasingly . As it comes as an efficient & light weight platform with essential modules that can create feature-rich enterprise apps. Several market giants including Walmart, Netflix, Uber or Apps Like Uber, LinkedIn, NASA, Intel, and Twitter. To enhance the performance of their applications, several other market giants are considering to rewrite their code to Node.Js

Indicated by Node.Js survey report, the platform will continue to have a positive impact on users and will continually improve developer’s productivity and satisfaction while also lowering cost. The report also highlights that 43% of Node.Js programmers claim to use the platform for enterprise applications. If you too are considering to create a portal hire Node Js developer for your next big project.

Let us First Shed Light on what makes Node Js a premium choice for Large scale or Enterprise App Development: 

1- Offers Single-threaded & Event-Driven Architecture

As Node.Js is written in C++ language and is built upon Google Chrome’s V8 runtime, it is capable to go with multiple operating systems and deliver super-fast performance. The platforms also allow you to scale up your application whenever required vertically as well as horizontally.  This implies that you will be able to add nodes to the existing system for uplifting your application. Several factors that result in the superior performance of the platform are: 

  • Both Node and V8 engines are updated from time to time and so the security loopholes and performance problems are fixed every once in a while. 
  • The java-script uses JSON as the data interchange format that results in faster performance of Node.Js. 
  • Node Js being a single-threaded and event-driven architecture that helps to deal with multiple concurrent connections simultaneously, ensuring that there are no performance glitches. 
  • Robust set of ready to use tools, PM2 process manager, and other rich features help Node Js to maintain superior performance 

2- Supports Micro services Architecture

Micro service architecture has gained immense popularity in recent years due to the excellent performance and flexibility it provides to enterprise projects. The best part is, Node Js supports a micro services architecture and helps enterprises to scale up operations whenever required, making optimum use of resources. As the platform supports Micro services architecture, it delivers outstanding results when it comes to usage of RAM, enhanced performance, and utilization of computer power. This also implies that your project can be handled by different teams efficiently, and the code bases are easily accessible thus increasing the productivity of your app. With this tool, it becomes easy to manage different cross-platform development teams even when they are at different locations. 

3- Has Access to Extensive NPM Tools

Node.js offers extensive Node Package Manager tools with almost 200k modules.  While working on your project, the developers have access to these modules which help them make valuable contributions to the project as they do not have to write the common features & functionalities from the beginning. The NPM is one of the key driving factors determining the success of Node.Js. Given that privacy and security are one of the biggest concerns of an enterprise, businesses can access private registers with advanced security features that help them to have more control over the code, identify vulnerabilities, and get the unsafe code replaced automatically.

4- Allows Cross-platform development

As Node.js is based on JavaScript, it bridges the gap between frontend and backend skills. Thus, you don’t need to hire separate developers for each. Unlike other development projects, you will not have a skill-driven team of coders, testers, etc. As the Node js developers can act as full-stack developers without the need to learn additional languages. If you hire proficient Node Js developers from a reputed app or web development agency, they can work on Angular and React as well. And thus, using Node.Js will ensure that your development team is more equipped and versatile. This will help you reduce dependency on several teams and boost the productivity of your enterprise application. 

5- Provides Active LTS Status

In today’s competitive world where trends are shifting at a lightning-fast speed. It is necessary to have long term support of the platform you are using. It becomes very tough to manage and maintain an app build using an outdated language. This gives Node Js an upper hand as it has long term support.  Every major change or release in Node.Js is actively maintained by Node.Js  for 18 months. After this, it is further maintained for up to 12 months. Throughout this period, there will be no additions to its modules or features. However, all the bugs and security issues will be taken care of and fixed by the team. 

6- Reduces Server Costs

As Node Js has an asynchronous event model. It implies that you can process more requests in a single OS thread. As these OS threads are expensive in both memory and CPU overhead. Using the Node.Js platform can reduce your overall development costs. Organizations that go with Node Js development incur lesser hardware and maintenance costs as compared to other platforms available. 

In the Nutshell

Now, when you know why Node js has established itself as a major platform for enterprise-level. You can be assured to develop robust web and mobile apps using this platform. As more and more companies have started relying on Node js to get a fast and reliable solution. You should consider using this platform and get your app rolling out. With tons of benefits, faster time-to-market, reusable APIs & higher performance, gear up to reap the benefits of this amazing platform!

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