A majority of Startups are lying when they say they have unique app Ideas, no they don’t, not even Uber, Ride-Hailing was in business from the stone age, yes what Startups did is tricked the business model and added ease to the process and with modern technique of marketing, they became worth Billion Dollars. So if you are a wantrepreneur or a serial entrepreneur and would like to add a new portfolio to your business.

We Have Listed 21 App Ideas That Can Be Tricked And Upgraded With New Marketing Tools And Can Bring You Success

Mobile App is the new toy that has become an unstoppable device, as per Statista 350 Billion App downloads by 2023 are predicted to be downloaded which is almost 180% more than in 2017, This clearly shows a huge market and opportunity for App Business, So Let’s go through the App Ideas and plan for the next $100 Million Venture. 

1. Uber Like App

There are hundreds of entrepreneur who has tried their luck with this Business model and a lot got success too. Uber Like App was spiced up with Bike Sharing, Truck Sharing, Boat Sharing, Private Jet sharing apps, and a lot more if done with a niche and working slowly on acquiring areas left unexplored by the Giants, One can get success. As per Statista report, the total revenue booked under this segment of business just for the Car-share model is  $183,677 million dollars in 2019 which will go up to $318,765 million dollars by 2023 with current user penetration is 13.5% which is expected to hit up to 20% by 2023 which shows a huge opportunity.

Some Big Players In This Segment-

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2. Dating App Ideas

This Segment is also explored by a huge number of entrepreneurs, and a lot of them have succeeded. This was tricked with rich features like Video Chat, Location Based Availability, Events Based Availability, using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for filtering the best match to avoid hassles, a new level of Emojis, a bit of social engagement, and a lot more. This can further be taken to the matrimonial level by giving them options based on their preference. A lot of people believe this industry is going out of business; however, this is just like “more they hate more they use“. It’s all about how the user experience can be improved, Stats says this is going to be the future.

3. Food Delivery App Idea

Food Delivery App is one of the fastest-growing business models which has taken over several rounds of updates in these recent years. With introducing AI for enhancing the user experience, using smart toys like drones to reduce cost and speed up the delivery, offering great deals backed with original user reviews and a lot more have added huge value to this segment. As McKinsey & Company, this business has acquired $91 Billion of shares and is growing. One of the most loved categories by the Investors, also as per Statista this will increase the market share to $156 Billion by 2023

Some Of The Big Players In The Segment-

  • GrubHub
  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash

4. Travel App Idea

This is also a veteran industry coming a long way of centuries this has evolved drastically, right from booking a Hotel to Flight tickets, comparing rates to checking the reviews, it has added 100’s of features to enhance the user experience,  modules like tour guide options, users video/audio reviews, map-based locations, it is one of the highest demanded products in-app business. The stat shows this has the potential of adding revenue to the Global Economy, at this moment it stands tall at $8.27 Trillion with no sign of going down. With adding benefits and features this is just diving in a pool of fish everyone can have their share, it is all about the innovative way of marketing. 

Some Of The Big Players In The Segment In App Idea

5. Healthcare Apps

This being one of the most demanded industries which has a huge scope, it covers selling products and services, eCommerce for Medicines has also delivered a huge success, it has several branches to choose from, Massage therapy to Medical Coding, Listing of Health service providers to giving online advice’s everything can be automated and can be turned into a highly profitable business, the only thing that needs to be done here is to analyze the Gap and fill it. This segment does not require any support of data, it’s an ever-required product.

Some Of The Big Players In This Segment For Great App Ideas-

6. Invoicing and Bookkeeping Powered with AI

Startups are all about solving problems, and Bookkeeping & Invoicing is altogether one of the biggest challenges for any organization, innovative ideas like fetching bank statements & Credit card statements directly from Banking institutions and posting the entries with the help of AI directly to the account heads has helped several businesses in a great way, automating the entire inventory system through an application has helped businesses like nothing before, a smart invoicing system with automated reminders, tax calculation, and tax filing assistance, Scanning document and posting data with powerful AI system right digitally has also helped 100’s of businesses save huge money on data entry. More the business higher the demand for this application. 

Some Industry Players Giving Us Trending Apps-

  • QuickBooks
  • Bench
  • Zoho
  • Xero 

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7. Ideas for Interior Designing

Powered with AR/VR, One of the most demanded services, with changing world creativity has evolved to a new level, something which can be seen and felt from our heart is what drives the decision of buyers, Designing concepts with 2d and 3d is what has taken over the Sketches and now is the turn of AR and VR, let the buyer feel what they are looking at and let them decide on what should suit them the best, nothing can be real, as real. This is going to go beyond $120 Million by 2023 as per a report from Statista.

Some Of The Most Innovative App Ideas from Founders of-

  • Houzz App
  • Hutch
  • Magicplan
  • Smith

8. Workforce App Idea

The most required product for workforce Seekers and Job Seekers, with the booming requirement of resources for companies, it has become an utmost requirement for companies to seek assistance from these products, and easing the process by offering solutions based on market trends and requirement can make a dent in the Job Market, Staffing business has seen a huge jump in recent years as per the data from American Staffing Association almost 17 Million people get employed every year through staffing agencies and this is increasing. 

Some Of The Industry Giants Who Have Given App Ideas for Startups-

  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor

9. Online Marketplace

One of the most competitive still one of the most viable business, the more the business owners are getting in, more innovative this is getting on, we all know the most valued brand Amazon, the leader, and inspiration to almost every Marketplace Entrepreneurs, we have seen a huge demand on this segment, and based on data we have also seen why this App business Idea can make money, as per Forbes report, almost 32% of all the Online Marketplace is making $100+ Million years on year which shows everyone is having their piece.

Market Place App Idea

Some Of The Leading Trending Apps Show How They Worked On Their Startup App Ideas-

10. Business Listing Apps

We receive a huge requirement for Business Listing Mobile Applications, and after consulting with several innovative Entrepreneurs it is for sure there is a huge scope in this sector, Google itself is one of the Examples of this sector, Businesses listing on Google my Business is a huge success for Google, finding a local service provider is one of the most essential tools that a user needs on a day to day basis and find a solution around it can pay off huge. Introducing innovative solutions can make top this business with stars. 

Some Of The Leading Apps that Are Making App Ideas for Aspiring Business Owners-

11. Social Media Apps

app ideas- social media

A lot of people say Social Media sector is completely dominated by Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, well we should not forget when they launched there were other Platforms, and they took over them, it is the features, and solving pain area, like Instagram, they knew people like to scroll down images of their friends and like to post them too, they created Insta, TikTok, they saw a video making for fun was a mind-blowing way to engage, they did it, so social media Apps can certainly be a big hit.

Some Leading Social Media Apps In The Industry-

12. App Ideas for Sports Lover

one of the most demanded sectors, Buy, Sell & Rent all our in, this can be bundled with Events related to Sports, Coaching on Sports, finding talent, making team, and a lot more, this is definitely a business model that can achieve huge success in little time. 

Some Leading Mobile App Ideas-

13. Swap the Products App

This is a good App Idea to start with, products can be listed and barter system can be applied, so exchange the product with another instead of money, so something where a user uploads a product and list it, anyone can bid the product and can barter the product with theirs, once both agree, admin can set up a good revenue model from this, We don’t have many people doing it at this moment. 

Startups That Tried And Tested These Trending App Ideas-

  • Swapub
  • Tradr
  • Swopr
  • Let’s Barter

14. Carpooling App Ideas

Ride Sharing App Ideas

This is one good model to start an app business, offering features on revenue model along with utmost security options can help you in earning trust, majorly marketing is what required, a lot if carpooling apps were developed over time, however, a loose marketing strategic always ends up in complete shutdown, so getting a marketing plan right up can help you in succeeding on this App Idea. 

Some Of The Industry Champion- 

15. Question Answering App

How about if we had an app where when in doubt just ask, this is a good model where a huge scope of advertisement income can be booked based on the user’s query and actions a complete user activity-based ads system can be prepared which can pay off a lot, revenue model for experts who answer the questions can encourage people to answer, yes, marketing would certainly be required, as Google itself is working on this engine and trying to become the biggest answering site, so a huge scope, plan for it and then go for it. 

Some Of The Big Players In The Industry-

16. Police Scanner App

One of the trending apps which is in demand and lacks good supply, several countries are still adapting these services, so a good scope for app business, a feature-rich app can deliver wonders on this part. 

Some Leading Smart App Ideas-

  • Broadcastify
  • Police Scanner
  • 5-0 Radio Police Scanner
  • Scanner 911

17. Gym App Ideas

app ideas- gym app

The fitness industry is growing tremendously and thus giving scope to offer technology-based assistance. Workout tracker with timers, heartbeat test, with a close watch on calories, Videos for the workout, look out for personal trainer or a close-by gym. This is one app that is really common among users and used on a day to day basis. It is increasing, as per a data, almost 29% of adults aged between 18 to 29 are using App to track their fitness in the USA. 

Some Of The Apps That Are Doing Wonders-

  • 7 Minute Workout
  • 8fit
  • Blogilates
  • Samsung Health Tracker

18. Virtual App For Products 

We have seen a huge demand in eCommerce with virtual image assistance, like eye-wear, users can upload their picture and a 3d image with the glass on can be visualized by the user, same with Jewellery, shoes, Tattoo and lot more this technology can boost the e-commerce store as it helps the users to decide and buy, right if you are on for an e-Com store this is one big feature to offer on apps. 

Some Startups With This Tech On- 

19. City Guide Apps

This App can become a must for travelers, a complete guide for cities across the nation or the world can help gain huge popularity among travelers, listed business, where to go where not, reviews of hotels and restaurants, business and shopping hubs, rush hours for spots, everything that a traveler, something like a personal guide with utmost knowledge about the city. A huge revenue model can be made out. 

Industries That Are Topping The Chart-

20. Cooking App

One of the most required app, Business models like what to cook today can help you by adding itinerary from your refrigerator what can be cooked from them, recipe sharing and guide, videos, a social network for passionate chef’s, a huge number of the feature-rich app can be planned-out in this sector, amazing revenue model can be cast out. 

Some Of The Apps Leading The Market-

21. Event App

app ideas- event apps

Be it listing events nearby or giving options to users on creating events, be on a specific niche or just personal, be it finding vendors or offering a specific service, a complete solution to any event needs can be a boom in the event market, a huge gap in the industry has been recorded with the increasing demand. This can definitely be a breakthrough in the market. 

Some Of The Cool App Ideas From Established Businesses-

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