When you think of taxi apps, the first name that comes to your mind is undoubtedly Uber, isn’t? However, Uber is not the only application dominating the mobile application market. There are several other app giants who are performing fabulously well. They have succeeded in winning the heart of its users. Just when Uber came in the market and started expanding its presence all over the world. They gave an idea to other players & wantrepreneurs to grab the thriving cab-hailing app market and make grossing profits.

If you too are looking forward to developing your own taxi app like Uber, you must not only look into Uber’s functionality & features. You must go through all the top apps like Uber and then come up with the best version of your free mobile application. To fulfill this purpose, to help you convert your dream app ideas into reality, We’ve listed down-

Taxi Apps You Must Thoroughly Go Before You Kick Start Your Project to Develop Your Mobile Application

1. Lyft:

Giving a tough competition to Uber, Lyft is a well-known best taxi app in Canada and the US covering almost 65 cities. Though Uber was first to come in the market, it was Lyft who first came with the ride-sharing feature. In a very limited time, Lyft has been able to acquire a good market share claiming to grow to 39% in 2018, from 22% back in 2016, as per Forbes. The management ensures that the drivers of the portal go through a stringent background check to ensure that the users are safe.

Lyft Cab

The application comes up with an advanced mapping system. The users can easily track their drivers and get their details beforehand. The apps come up with three transport options including Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line. It facilitates users to ride alone, share rides or even travel with up to 6 people respectively. It is also seen that Lyft is slightly expensive than Uber. It has positioned itself as a premium brand, where its cabs are high in demand. Riders can also pay the tip with the destination payment at the end of the trip in the application itself which entirely goes to the driver. Other than this, most of the features and user interface of the application are similar to Uber, and thus, they offer a cut-throat competition to each other. 

2. DiDi:

A well-known and immensely popular application in China. DiDi was launched in Melbourne in June 2018 which rapidly expanded to other cities of Australia. With more than 31 million drivers & 550 million users, DiDi is known to be one of the largest taxi-hailing service providers in Asia, Australia, and South America. DiDi is 10% cheaper than Uber, which is also a reason why it has been able to gain a big user base. DiDi’s dominance in China’s market is so much that Uber had to sell its operations to DiDi in 2016 while competing.


The app also has safety features including random biometric ID testing for drivers SOS button in driver and passenger app that connects directly with the law enforcement agencies, other than this, DiDi app also sends the fatigue and tiredness alerts to the drivers. It also facilitates the users to book their cab from the messengers. With exciting launch features and welcome package, DiDi gave great offers and discounts to its users up to $14 on the first five trips. Having great marketing strategies further enabled DiDi to quickly acquire new users and retain them with different promo codes and offers.

3. Gett:

Formerly known as getting Taxi, and available in more than 100 cities across Europe with around $1.4 Billion valuations. Gett portal is among the fastest-growing cab-hailing services in the United States. With Uber prices slighter on a higher-end, Gett has successfully acquired new customers, at times it has been recorded a reduced fare of up to 25% on the rides in a few Cities. The application also comes up with exciting offers and deals to acquire new users & retain its customer base, offers like $10 rides anywhere, Discount coupons, and a lot more offers which made it the most-liked app by users in New York.

gett cab

Just like Uber and Lyft, Gett also makes the estimated time and the details of the driver available to the riders in advance. The drivers registered with the portal are all tested and TLC licensed, which makes it a safe and hassle-free ride booking experience. Riders can even book their rides up to two weeks in advance. It also allows users to make easy cashless payments through online means instantly. Unlike Uber, the application also does not charge any surge charges and only charges flat rates despite an increase in demand. Being affordable and always up with unique promotional strategies, makes this app growing and acquiring the market share rapidly. 

4. Ola:

In India, Ola is one of the biggest taxi-hailing apps that gives a tough competition to Uber, having a market share of 56.2% currently as per Statista. Operational in more than 100 cities all across India, Ola has marked its great presence among the users. Charging nominal fare from its users, ola makes a convenient option for users to choose. Ola has a higher reach than Uber in the country as it has a wider geographical network and also has the provision of some regional languages. 


Giving varied options to choose from, it offers cab categories like Micro & mini for short fare & rides, Prime for luxury rides and pooling options to join riders going in the same direction. The portal also allows the users to rent a car or take the ride outstation for easy transportation and fulfilling experience. To save time & money, users can also book affordable two-wheeler and auto rides directly from the mobile application. The portal has a list of other notable features like Ola money (it’s own wallet), where riders can pay smoothly directly from the app; free wifi, ola play (for entertainment); multiple stops, where riders can add new destinations and many more. 

5. Easy Taxi:

Operational in more than 30 countries and covering almost 420 cities around the world, Easy Taxi is a well-known taxi-hailing application which is giving a big competition to Uber. Enough to surprise anyone, the portal has more than 17 million users worldwide with a fleet of 400,000 taxi drivers. This application too has a good user interface that allows a simple process for booking a cab & reach the desired destination, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones. With expanding the reach and smooth service, the app is constantly involving and gaining more users gradually all over the world. 

easy taxi

Easy taxi lays a huge emphasis on the driver’s screening process, providing them with the best services and train them in the best possible way. Right from the very beginning, Easy Taxi has won many awards including Startup Weekend Rio, IBM SmartCamp Brazil, Spark Awards 2013, LIDE Entrepreneurship Award 2013 and many others. With its smooth booking service and accurate fare calculator, many users are switching to this app for cab services at their doorsteps. After winning several awards, Easy Taxi has succeeded in establishing itself as a safe and reliable taxi-hailing service app and is a great alternative to Uber for users. 

6. LeCab:

Just after Uber got banned in France back in 2015, LeCab grabbed this prompt opportunity to take over the French market with over 70,000 active users of the app. Despite various cab-hailing mobile apps operational in the country, It is LeCab that is in the frontline, especially when it comes to Paris. The portal also has a growing fleet of standard Peugeot 508, french vehicles to carry riders all across the city. 


Talking about LeCab, it comes with several interesting features to offer its users for a hassle-free ride booking. The app has a fixed fare rides with no fluctuating price, with a ride guarantee in 7 mins, right after the booking. It also has a feature to rebook a cab, in just a single click in any Android, Windows or iOS mobile applications.  Unlike other applications in the market, LeCab also allows users to book a private jet for a tour to Paris. As the portal holds a strong partnership with PrivateFly, it allows the users to relish exciting tours and fly to their destinations. With no surprise, having such interesting features within the app makes LeCab one of the best apps to book cab rides and jets in France. 

7. Cabify:

Founded in 2011, the Spanish cab-hailing service company, Cabify is operational in Latin America and Spain including many cities like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, among many others. While leveraging Zemanta, a platform for content marketing, Cabify succeeded in building Native advertising, which increased its app downloads by 50%.  Up till 2018, Cabify registered over 13 million active users in America, Spain, and Portugal. 


Talking about the notable features of Cabify, it allows its users to book a cab in two easy clicks through their Android and iOS mobile applications. It also follows a fixed and transparent fare system which makes it one of the most liked apps among the users. The application has also marked itself as the most preferred app when it comes to planning and taking business and formal trips.

Users can plan their corporate trips well in advance through Cabify which also comes with additional features like invoices, account manager, multiple account support and many others. It also allows users to book a cab on behalf of any other person, which makes it quite a useful app. While other features of this app like real-time tracking map, estimated pricing, different payment methods, and ride fare calculators are quite similar to the Uber app. 

8. GoCatch:

Being Australia’s one of the premium taxi-hailing service, the portal reports the largest fleet of registered taxi drivers of the metered cabs or taxis, spread all across the major cities of the country. The portal has over 30,000 registered taxis and more than 3,00,000 active users that makes it a 40% share of the total taxi-tech industry of Australia. The biggest factor that makes it a noticeable taxi-hailing service is that it charges the same fare that is generated by the meter reading of the cab. 


Apart from the meter reading of the cab, GoCatch charges a 5% surcharge if the fare is paid through a credit card, in contrast to the normal surcharge of 10% on payment through credit card, which is applicable all across Australia. GoCatch is known to be one of the safest and reliable cab services as all their licensed drivers go through testing, photo id and IBN check before they get registered. The most notable feature of this application is, it provides business accounts to business users, offering them centralized accounts and business credit card features.  

9. Grab:

Launched in June 2012 and functional in Southeast Asia, Grab is a popular taxi-hailing service provider and a great alternative to an app like Uber. The application enjoys great reviews from its users and registers more than 3.8 million mobile application downloads. The app rolls more than 75,000 registered drivers to its network, which makes it one of the biggest fleets of cab-hailing vehicles. The overall GrabTaxi’s network is spread over six different countries in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, which covers almost 30 cities. 

Grab Cab

Compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry mobile applications, Grab was earlier also known as MyTeksi, which later got modified to GrabTaxi and then finally it was named Grab. Back in 2013, the app was also awarded as Frost & Sullivan’s best travel app, which further raised a big trust factor to the network. The application allows its users to book the cab up to 7 days in advance and ensure smooth riding services in easy steps. All the other features of the app like pre-screening of drivers, creating an account, leaving notes to drivers, mapping systems, etc are similar to Uber, which makes it a good alternative to it. 

10. BiTaksi:

One of the most popular apps in Istanbul, Bitaksi has more than 200,000 active registered users. The network also has a fleet of around 34,000 registered taxi drivers spread all over the country and captures a bigger market share in Istanbul as compared to Uber. The fastest-growing taxi-hailing service, BiTaksi is considered as the most reliable means for transportation for its users.


Talking about its features, BiTaksi is among the app who introduced the credit card payment system within its mobile application and has successfully brought cashless payment in Istanbul. The app also incorporates other important features like current traffic en route, track location, driver rating system,  and others that further makes it a reliable and convenient option for users.

To Conclude…

So, coming to the end of this blog post, you must have got a fair idea of how different apps are deploying the idea of taxi-hailing services and have succeeded in providing unmatched services to its users. There is absolutely no doubt that there are plenty of opportunities for you to grab in the mobile app market, it’s just you only need to tap and make the best out of your resources! However, not all apps can succeed like the above-mentioned apps, but if your idea and implementation go hand in hand, creating a seamless & valuable experience for users, you can surely win the toss. 

To develop your app like Uber, you certainly need an expert app developer who can turn your app idea into reality, and this is where we come in the picture! We specialize in developing the best taxi-hailing apps which not only can capture a big user base but can also help you generate millions of bucks! Recently having developed an exceptional app “Bhuumi”, which is successfully launched in the US & geared up to hit other countries, the app is a clear demonstration of our precise work. Not just creating duplicate features, but we make sure to revamp your app with several new features and exciting revenue models. So, if you think your idea is worth millions, don’t hold up, get in touch with us today and see your dream come true!

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