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SWOT Analysis Report

Here you can see the decline, you were growing till the end of 2021, however, since Jan 2022 your website visits started soaring and this is definitely not a good sign. Moreover, it is important to keep an eye on which keywords are bringing in the most visits and whether they are valuable for your sales campaigns or not. It’s also good to note that having a good number of keywords on search engines is a positive sign.

Let’s explore what is working and what is not. 

Keyword Trends

By looking at this, you’ll notice the total number of keywords that are being used by search engines to link to your website. This is certainly not a positive indication. However, it’s been observed that this number has started to decline and is not stable. It’s important to take action to ensure that your website’s search engine visibility remains strong and consistent.

Your website has a low number of keywords on Google, and unfortunately, they are not even positioned among the top rankings. The chart above shows that 0 keywords are currently ranked in positions 1-3 of Google’s search engine results page, and 29 keywords are ranked in the 4th to 10th position. It’s vital to get your keywords into the top rankings, as this will increase your website’s visibility, traffic, and ultimately, revenue. 

Let’s find which keywords are making the most of the visits.

Here, you can see the top list of keywords that are bringing the visitors. I am not sure if any of these keywords make sense to you. 

The visits from your brand name is zero, which is the most concerning item. This means people do not know you. Now The most important part of search engine ranking is the search volume of your brand name. 

Here you can see your brand name “Newman art designs” search volume is close to “40”, which is very concerning for a brand. Need to work on branding to enhance this number in Thousands. Your Marketing strategy should have a major focus on increasing the search volume of your Brand and Commercial keywords, too.

Here is the breakdown of your visitor’s behavior and brand keywords vs commercial keywords.

Your Branded Keywords Vs Commercial Keywords

Here you can see the comparison of branded and non-branded keywords. You are getting 0% from brand keywords. you should target to get at least 30% of the total visitors from branded keywords. 

Search Volume of your Brand Keyword

Here, you can see the branding keywords vs commercial keywords. You get 0% from branded and 100% from commercial keywords. 

You need to focus on keyword selection first to attract buying intent visitors. The goal is not just to bring visitors but to bring visitors who buy. 

  • Niche-based keywords 
  • Brand Name Keywords 
  • Occasion-based keywords 
  • Solution-based keywords 
  • Problem-based keywords 
  • Question-based keywords. 

We assume there should be a list of over 300+ keywords that you should focus on to get a better quality of visitors who intend to buy your products. 

Traffic Trend

Here you can see the breakdown of your traffic. You can see the 100% contributor is Direct Traffic. 

Current Backlinks Status

The above graph shows the backlinks you got over the time. You can see the number of backlinks and referring domains, i.e, you got almost 274 backlinks from 87 domains. This part requires a strong plan. You have created backlinks from spam sites also. I can share a list of the same if required, and search engines take this very seriously. either you have purchased or created bulk links together.  

Here, you can see your Domain Authority is 13. The major reason for low DA is creating backlinks on low-quality websites. 

Here you can see the quality breakdown of the backlink you have created. Most of the backlinks are from low authority sites and this is the reason your DA is low. 

Here you can see the list of backlinks that have very high spam scores, and your website is linked to these websites. This is very concerning, and this needs to be monitored. 

Current On Page

Search engines follow a set of criteria to decide whether to list a website on their search results page. Among the two primary factors, the technical aspect plays a vital role, which is also known as On-Page optimization, and the content of the website. The technical aspect refers to the technical setup of the website, which helps search engines understand the website’s purpose and which search terms it should be ranked for.

SEO is a strategic game; if you play it without planning, you are planning to fail.
Vivek S
CEO, Team Vipra

On-Page Setup

There are several factors that help Search engines understand what your website is all about and based on that they do the matchmaking for a search made and the website that would pop up when the search is made. 

For Home Page

Here, you can see that the basic setup is also not done. Title and Meta descriptions are not optimized; however, first, you need the Keywords that you want to focus on, then you need to do a keyword mapping so no duplicate keywords are focused on the website, and based on that, you should get your Titles, descriptions, Heading tags, and others updated.

You can see the Title tags are not optimized, you have 0 Heading tags, it’s like having 0 topics to content. 

Need to Update more content on the pages, which should be keyword-optimized. You need more optimized internal linking and content on the Blogs. 

This is very important in your website, On page needs to be optimized.

For Internal Page

This is your collection Page; you have not done on-page optimization like title, description, alt tags, and heading tags. This should be optimized on a keyword basis.

It is a Give and take relationship with Search engines; you give them good informative content, and they give you a good ranking. You need a strong content strategy

Google Structured Data Test Results

Schema markup is like a language that speaks directly to Google, translating your content into clear, organized information for enhanced search results. It’s a type of structured data added to your website’s code, acting as a highlight reel for key elements: recipes, articles, products, events, and more. When Google understands your content better, it can showcase it in richer, more engaging ways in search results, grabbing attention and potentially boosting click-through rates. Think eye-catching star ratings, recipe snippets, or event details—all powered by schema markup, giving your website a competitive edge in the search landscape.

The Schema is not done, you need to get this in detail by adding more details like reviews, categories, product details, pricing, shipping, and more details as applicable. 

Technical Analysis

Here you can see the site performance, this also plays a vital role in Ranking algorithm. 

Website Speed Performance



Optimizing your website for faster speed is crucial to ensure high performance on search engines. Slow-loading websites are not trusted by Google and other search engines. It can be frustrating for users. Act now to improve your website’s speed and stay ahead of the competition.

Website has several technical issues, and I have attached a detailed Audit report along with this report. The Audit report has URL wise errors. 

SWOT Report


This website does not have any strength.


Your Branding is very low. Your On page is not optimised as per keywords. You are not building backlinks on a regular basis. Your websites speed on mobile device is low, and your website's major visitors are from Mobile device.


Here there are several opportunity, the first is to get the websites on page fixed, that you can do once you list all the keywords that you should focus on.
Content Marketing is week, you can create more branding and awareness content to create a better visibility.


You have bad backlinks. Your Spam score is 22%. This is very concerning. Your technical audit says a lot of issues.


As Shared by you on the Google questionnaire and research done by us, we found a few competitors who are getting the most out of search engines. These do not include visitors from Etsy, amazon, or any marketplace. 


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How much do you charge for this report?

For a detailed Current Stats of your website, Website Audit report, Competitors SWOT Analysis, Gap Analysis report, and a documented personalised Strategy. The Cost is $999, however, we are giving away this for Free for startups. So this a Complementary copy, all we need in return is your feedback. 

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To Answer this, Our Hourly Charge for an SEO Executive is $20 an hour, and based on how much effort would be required to achieve your Goals, we can come up with an estimated budget you should spend. This can range between $500 per month to $2500 per month, based on how aggressive you want to be

How did you make this report?

Our team of experts has studied the search engine algorithm and have put together a checklist that covers all the essential parameters required to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Making this Checklist as a benchmark we have used several tools to audit your website. Unlike 100% tool-based reports, our senior SEO manager has personally prepared this custom audit report. We have evaluated each point on the checklist and provided constructive feedback and comments to help you enhance your website’s performance. You can rely on our expertise to guide you through the process of optimizing your website for search engines.

What Tools have you used to create this report?

Our team employs various powerful tools to scrutinize and monitor the performance of websites and brands. Each tool has unique capabilities to dissect a specific part of the algorithm. Based on their capabilities, we assembled this report. Our suite of tools includes SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Moz, Schema Markup Tool, Google Page Speed, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more. Together, these tools empower us to glean insights, optimize performance, and perform the detailed Audit.

What is my next step?

Now that you know what’s missing, you can confidently begin to fill the gap. Let’s take the first step and identify your competitors, including major competitors in your niche, immediate competitors, and passive competitors. With that information, we can create a comprehensive gap analysis and develop a winning strategy to compete with your competitors. You can count on me to assist you every step of the way. Please speak to the manager who shared this report, or you can email us at [email protected].

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